About Xcel Fitness

Xcel Fitness was founded by Jeremy Patten. Patten played competitive sports throughout his youth including baseball, hockey and football, culminating his athletic career at Denison University as a 4-year starter on the football team. After graduating with B.A. in Economics in 1998, Patten went into the insurance and property management business. Once some years passed, Patten decided to make a career change and more importantly, a lifestyle change. “I could feel myself slipping into a poor physical state. I had no energy and I was unhappy with the condition of my body. I just didn’t feel healthy the way I used to.”

The desire for a higher quality of life gave birth to Xcel Fitness. Patten wants others to challenge themselves, and make positive changes that will forever benefit and enrich their lives. Xcel Fitness is the first step towards this lifestyle. We work with people who don’t stop moving, and with others suffering from arthritis and other debilitating conditions. Through individual and group training, Xcel helps people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

Since it is never too early for exercise and fitness, Patten also founded Xcel Youth Sports. Xcel Youth Sports provides after school sports and activity programming at schools or nearby parks, as well as summer and vacation camps. Sports Mentoring and Youth Fitness Training are also available to individuals and groups of children just beginning their sports careers to competitive college athletes. We also have experience working young adults with autism as well as with children who are coping with minor learning disabilities.